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In 2016, the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital partnered to create the AS360 (Autism Support 360) facility, outreach, and digital navigation platform. We are delighted to share the results of this collaborative vision and welcome you to the platform.

From the beginning, our focus was to help autistic people and their families navigate ASD –reducing the time needed to access assessments and great clinical services, and to provide the most current  information, training, and wellness services to support each autistic person and their family’s journey In a personal and culturally sensitive way.

AS360 History

our story

AS360 aims to ensure autistic people in Washington State lead healthier, happier lives by sharing access to ASD providers, resources, information and community.

Leveraging the expertise of faculty and community members across the state of Washington, the AS360 Family Navigation Platform includes user-friendly navigation, self-assessments modeled after what a provider would ask during an initial consultation, life stages checklists about what comes next in an autistic person’s journey as well as up to date statewide resources.


Our team vision is that everyone across Washington State needing or wanting access to the most up-to-date autism information will have it as soon as they need it.


our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources that help autistic people, their families, caregivers and providers to navigate ASD services that consider each autistic person’s individual needs, and to create an online community with other autistic people and their families.

our people

Autistic people, their caregivers, families, and providers collaborated to create The AS360 platform. This resource was built with the vison that everyone across Washington State will have access to the autism information they need as soon as they need it.

how to help

AS360 is proudly non-profit. Thousands of people like you help us stand up for more accessible resources and an easier path to answers.


If you are interested in supporting the efforts of AS360, please contact us at


The UW Autism Center is devoted to supporting individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders through exceptional clinical services, innovative scientific research, and high-quality training. Our mission is:

  • To offer state-of-the-art clinical services to individuals with ASD from birth through young adulthood, and their families.

  • To increase community knowledge and service capacity through public awareness and professional training.

  • To conduct research on what causes ASD, how it develops, and how we can help individuals reach their highest potential.


The UW Autism Center is part of the Institute of Human Development and Disability at the University of Washington and incorporates faculty and staff from the UW School of Medicine, College of Arts & Sciences, and College of Education.

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